Lessons from the Church Boardroom

Lessons From the Church Boardroom poses these ten questions and more:
  • Are you prepared if a staff member or volunteer is accused of misconduct?
  • Do unwritten board policies really exist?
  • Does the Spirit hear a busy signal when nudging your board?
  • What can your church do to minimize the negative impact of church bullies?
  • How can you help board members not to cross the line into operational details?
  • Does your board focus on the big rocks, pebbles, and sand?
  • Does your board put risks on the agenda?
  • Are too many staff causing the boardroom to capsize?
  • Does what happens in the boardroom stay in the boardroom?
  • When great board experiences ends, do your board members lament leaving the board?


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Housing Exclusion

10 Essentials of the Minister's Housing Exclusion

The Minister’s Housing Exclusion is one of the most significant tax reductions available for minsters. Take advantage of this provision properly! These essential concepts will grow your understanding of this important tax reduction and maximize the applicable benefits while freeing ministers to focus precious energy and attention on Kingdom work.