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Whiteford Taylor Preston

8830 Stanford Boulevard Suite 400
Columbia, MD 21045

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Erika Cole
(410) 654-4300


We are experienced serving churches and faith-based organizations of every denomination, size, and description, ensuring that their legal affairs are in order so they can focus on spreading their message, serving their communities, and growing their ministries. For nearly two decades, we have partnered with clients to address everything from church planting to new leadership transitions to buying and selling property to succession planning, while helping leadership address a full spectrum of governance matters. Our services are comprehensive, and include:

  • General Counsel
  • Business and Corporate
  • Real Estate
  • Tax, including Tax Disputes
  • Board Advisory
  • Succession Planning
  • Legal Audits
  • Drafting & Review Bylaws
  • Church & Ministry Startup
  • Community & Economic Development
  • Estate Planning
  • Dispute Mediation and Resolution

Whether handling a straightforward legal audit, advising on the purchase, sale or construction of property, or helping a church through an unexpected legal crisis, our philosophy has remained the same: provide the same level of excellence, diligence, and counsel for all clients, whether large national denominations or small community churches.


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