9 Common Questions About Church Certification

Thanks for considering ECFA certification!

You’re in great company with over 2,500 churches and ministries that have completed the application to become ECFA-certified.

  1. Why should our church join ECFA?

    If your church is committed to high standards of financial integrity, ECFA certification is a great way to demonstrate that commitment before your givers and a watching world.

    Displaying the ECFA seal of integrity and accountability can bring additional credibility for your church as you share the gospel and connect with givers.

    Plus, as an ECFA member, you’ll receive excellent resources and training to equip your staff on key financial management, governance, and gift administration issues.

  2. Where do I go to begin the online application?

    Visit ECFA.church/Join to begin the online application (select “Start New Application”).

  3. What steps are involved in the process?

    The ECFA application is designed to confirm your church’s commitment to ECFA’s Seven Standards for Responsible Stewardship.

    You will answer a series of questions in the online application form related to the standards and provide relevant supporting documentation. A follow-up call with an ECFA advisor will help guide you through the next steps to becoming certified.

  4. What supporting documents are required?

    This list of supporting documents may be uploaded and attached with the online application form or sent later by email to apply@ecfa.org.

  5. What type of financial statements are required to become a member?

    Most larger churches will need to submit audited financials from an independent CPA. Some churches with smaller budgets may be able to submit reviewed or compiled financial statements. (Click here to view ECFA's requirements for financial statements.)

  6. How long does it take to complete the application?

    We’ve designed the application to be as user-friendly as possible. The online form should take less than 10 minutes with supporting documents on hand (or sent later).

  7.  What happens after my application is submitted?

    After you complete the online application form and provide relevant supporting documentation, an ECFA advisor will follow up with you to request any additional documents or information needed before the completed application is sent to the ECFA Board for consideration.

  8. What costs are involved?

    The annual membership fee is calculated based on your church’s average weekly attendance. Keep in mind the most significant expense for churches is the cost of financial statements prepared by an independent CPA required under ECFA Standard 3.

  9. Who can help with any other questions?

    Contact Nicole Wallenfelsz, ECFA Team Lead, at Nicole or 800-323-9473. We’ll be sure you have the information you need as soon as possible.

    View Benefits of ECFA Certification Booklet: PDF or PowerPoint