Board Member Resources

  1. The Nonprofit Board Answer Book (3rd ed.)   
    Jossey-Bass, 2011

This nearly 400-page book goes beyond theory to talk about real-life experiences and lessons learned. It covers a wide range of issues in nonprofit board governance in an easy-to-follow question-and-answer format.

  1. Good Governance for Nonprofits
    Frederic L. Laughlin & Robert C. Andringa
    AMACOM, 2007

This guide not only educates board members on their legal and ethical duties but also includes practical steps for creating a board policy manual (including a sample with the purchase of the book).

  1. Governance as Leadership 
    Richard Chait, William Ryan, & Barbara E. Taylor
    BoardSource, 2005

This book explains how nonprofit boards should engage in macrogovernance rather than micromanagement and introduces the critical concept of generative governance—one dimension of governance often overlooked by boards that are focused solely on strategic and fiduciary issues.

  1. How to Help Your Board Govern More and Manage Less 
    By Richard P. Chait
    BoardSource, 2010

Helpful information on the dynamics between boards and organizational staff. Includes specific procedures to strengthen a board’s capacity to govern.

  1. Guidebook for Directors of Nonprofit Corporations (3rd ed.)  
    Nonprofit Organizations Committee, American Bar Association (ABA), 2012

A user-friendly publication outlining the duties, rights, and accountability of board members.

  1. Stewards of a Sacred Trust: CEO Selection, Transition, and Development for Boards of Christ-centered Organizations
    David L. McKenna
    ECFAPress, 2010

Transitions are often some of the most important events in our individual lives and the lives of the organizations we serve.

  1. Call of the Chair: Leading the Board of the Christ-centered Ministry
    David L. McKenna
    ECFAPress, 2017

As manager of the board, the chair joins the CEO in responsibility for advancing the mission, partnering with the vision, governing by policy, and setting the tone for the morale of the ministry.

  1. The Council: A Biblical Perspective on Board Governance
    Gary Hoag, Wes Willmer, Greg Henson
    ECFAPress, 2018

What does the Bible say about board governance? This often-asked question has puzzled board members for decades. The Council answers this question by starting with the Scriptures and ending with the Scriptures.

  1. Lessons From the Nonprofit Boardroom (2nd ed.): 40 Insights for Better Board Meetings
    Dan Busby, John Pearson
    ECFAPress, 2018

You will want to learn from the wisdom and experience of two seasoned governance veterans in the Christ-centered nonprofit arena. Written in an engaging, easy-to-read and understandable style, the authors provide 40 short lessons for inspiring your board in God-honoring governance.

  1. Lessons From the Church Boardroom, 40 Insights for Exceptional Governance
    Dan Busby, John Pearson
    ECFAPress, 2018

    You're going to have fun with this book, but you'll also learn a lot. The bite-size chapters are certain to help anyone walk away with practical ideas that you can start using at your next board meeting.

Whether you're the board chair or a board member, this creative book will help your board move further toward becoming a team marked by exceptional governance practices.

  1. ECFA Tools and Templates for Effective Board Governance, Time-Saving Solutions for Your Board
    Dan Busby, John Pearson
    ECFAPress, 2019

If you knew that by leveraging a specific tool or a template it would exponentially enhance your communication, your outcomes, your results, and your governance joy—you'd do it, right? These "add-water-and-stir" practice tools will enhance your board's productivity.

All of the tool in this 200-plus page book have been field tested by hundreds of organizations. The downloadable templates include the "Board Retreat Trend-Spotting Exercise," the "Rolling 3-Year Strategic Plan Placement," the "Board Member Annual Affirmation Statement," and much more.

  1. More Lessons from the Nonprofit Boardroom: Effectiveness, Excellence, Elephants!
    Dan Busby, John Pearson
    ECFAPress, 2019

Authors Busby and Pearson build on the wisdom shed in Lessons From the Nonprofit Boardroom. "More Lessons" is just that—40 more practical, to-the-point lessons that can be applied to your boardroom. A special bonus lesson introduces a revolutionary resource, the MinistryBoardScore™. This online digital resource can be use by boards to evaluate their own performance.

  1. ECFA Governance Toolbox Series

Series No. 1 – Recruiting Board Members: Leveraging the 4 Phases of Board Recruitment: Cultivation, Recruitment, Orientation, and Engagement

Series No. 2 – Balancing Board Roles: Understanding the 3 Board Hats: Governance, Volunteer, Participant

Series No. 3 – Conflicts of Interest: Addressing Board and Organizational Conflicts of Interest

Series No. 4 – Succession Planning: Eleven Principles for Successful Successions


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