Ready for a Board Breakthrough?

Announcing 3 Transformational Tools for More Effective Governance

By Michael Martin, ECFA President Elect


Could it be that one of the most important teams in your church is also the most under-trained and under-resourced?

Yes, I’m talking about your church board!

You may have another name for it, but it’s the governing body (or bodies) with critical responsibilities like financial oversight, supporting the staff leadership, and holding the church accountable to achieving its mission. Not to mention, they are the ones who could be held legally responsible if God forbid things take a turn for the worse at the church.

It’s true in corporate America, and it’s true in our churches today. When scandal tragically strikes and after the dust begins to settle, people inevitably ask: “Where was the board?”

And yet, until those critical moments, most churches seem to give little attention to their boards. Many have turned a blind eye to board training because either they don’t realize the need for training or don’t know where to start.

Why Build a Better Board?

I can’t emphasize enough – it all starts with understanding the importance of the board’s role.

Scripture speaks to both the need for biblical accountability and the qualities we should seek in overseers of the local church. (1 Timothy 3, Titus 1).

But beyond the biblical calls for good governance, there are also many practical reasons to build a better board. These lay leaders have the potential to bring fresh perspective, professional expertise, and a passion for ministry that can be leveraged to move our churches forward in amazing ways.

A healthy, high-functioning board is truly a beautiful thing. And yes, it’s possible at YOUR church. Keep reading!

How to Build a Better Board – 3 Helpful Tools

ECFA (Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability) sets high standards for churches and ministries in the areas of board governance, financial management, and stewardship. We have the privilege today of serving over 2,400 certified churches and ministries with over 30,000 board members.

With a heart to equip boards for maximum effectiveness, we are excited to unveil a series of governance resources that can position your church for a board breakthrough.

Choose one (or all three!) of these transformational training tools:

  1. Read Lessons from the Church Boardroom: 40 Insights for Exceptional Governance. This new book by governance veterans Dan Busby and John Pearson includes 40 short, practical lessons on governance that are perfect in small doses for board training across regular meetings or go all-in on the 40 lessons during a focused board retreat setting.
  2. Take the ChurchSCORE™ self-assessment. In just a few minutes, you can pinpoint your board’s greatest strengths and opportunities for growth in six critical areas of governance with this free tool at www.ECFA.church/score.
  3. Attend a Board Governance Forum. Better yet, bring a board member with you to one of eight regional governance forums this fall! These engaging and interactive sessions will integrate biblical wisdom with practical governance best practices. Peer-to-peer discussions will dominate—not talking heads. Plus, assess your church against the latest trends in new research announced from ECFA’s lead researcher Dr. Warren Bird. Reserve your spot here.

Board breakthrough won’t happen overnight. It takes an intentional investment in equipping your church board members for success in their important roles.

But with these innovative training tools from ECFA, an effective board has never been more within reach.

This text is provided with the understanding that ECFA is not rendering legal, accounting, or other professional advice or service. Professional advice on specific issues should be sought from an accountant, lawyer, or other professional.