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10 Essentials of Acknowledgment & Reporting Webinar-On-Demand

This Webinar-On-Demand will focus on the 10 Essentials of Gift Acknowledgment & Reporting with Vonna Laue, executive vice president of ECFA, Michael Martin, vice president and legal counsel of ECFA, and John Van Drunen, executive vice president and general counsel of ECFA.

By listening to this Webinar-On-Demand, you will learn about:

  • The timing of providing acknowledgements for gifts received by a church or charity during 2018.   
  • Which gifts require a gift acknowledgment?   
  • What information is required by the IRS to be on gift acknowledgments?  
  • What is the cut-off for gifts based on gift delivery or postmarking of gifts that are mailed?   
  • What are the gift acknowledgment requirements when goods or services are provided in exchange for a gift?   
  • How should requests for refunds of charitable contributions be handled?


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